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Our Mission

Our mission is simple...
Provide players with a place to play and programs to truly develop their soccer abilities.  Through the generous support of local businesses and foundations, we are now one of the few soccer programs in the country that does not operate based on player fees. 

Successful players live a lifestyle built around the game.  It doesn't come all at once, but over weeks, months and years of being a part of the game, dedicated training and competition.

Each player must be proficient in four key areas, commonly known as the pillars of the game.  These are technical, tactical, physical & psychological. To be be a top performer, players must have strengths in these areas and be constantly working to improve weaknesses.

In order to provide the environment to develop players our programs are designed to remove the common issues that hinder player performance and development in the "Club" environment.  By removing the need for player fees, all players are now able to participate and concessions do not have to be made to keep large pools of players to pay coaching or administrative expenses.  

The Complete Player


Every player should have a solid technical foundation that includes a proficiency in footwork, passing, receiving balls from the ground and air, quality first touches, quick speed of play, tackling, heading and proper finishing techniques. Beyond these fundamentals, a player should be able to perform them at an increasingly high rate of speed, relative to their age and level of play.  Position specific techniques need special focus for the player to perform, but without losing focus on the overall foundation.

In today’s game, players need to be prepared to make decisions in every part of the field, on both sides of the ball.  Attackers are now asked to play a larger role defensively for their team. In turn, defenders are now used to support the attack, often in the final third of the opponent’s side. Consequently, the modern game demands its players to be more complete than ever. Knowing who, why, when, where and how to execute their decisions at a high rate of speed.


Mental skill is just as important as physical ability. Listen to any post-game interview and you’ll hear players and coaches talk about focus and attitude. Positive Self-Talk, Focus and Visualization are key mental skills that must be worked on and emphasized in order to perform and train at a higher level.  The younger a player is and the more often a player practices these mental skills the more chance they have at develop a winning mentality!  With Benchmark Soccer Training, we emphasis a positive, mistake-tolerant training environment, but hold players accountable to their short and long term goals.  This promotes the focus and attitude necessary to build the confidence necessary to hang in and keep working!

The speed of play in today's game is faster than it has ever been.  This requires players to be in top physical condition at the right time.  Every aspect of physical development needs to be considered, including the intensity of training, how often they compete/train, nutrition and planning for peak performance.  Without personalized training, that takes account of the player's goals and competitive schedule, peak physical performance isn't achievable.

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